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Well-being team

At Christchurch Primary we have a Well-being Team, which includes our Family Support Worker and School Counsellor, who work in partnership to offer support, guidance and advice to pupils, families and staff. The Well Being Team provide the following services:

Space4 Me

Space4 Me is a children’s counselling service based in Christchurch Primary School. It provides a safe place for children to express themselves in creative ways through artwork or play therapy.

It is a place where children explore and communicate their issues, concerns and worries as well as their disappointments and sadness. It is also a place where they start to build their self- esteem and confidence in a confidential place.

Why play therapy? Play is a natural medium for children’s communication especially when they are unable to express themselves verbally. The play feels safer than talking or thinking; it is a natural language for a child and contains all the vocabulary needed for effective communication.

Space4 Me offers weekly one to one sessions throughout the school year in a dedicated room which is equipped for creative and imaginary play. The counsellor customises the sessions in an appropriate way according to the child’s individual needs.

Space4 Me also offers group work for classes on particular issues such as friendship, self-esteem, concentration, confidence, bullying and improving communication and awareness skills.

Space4 Me Time2 Talk has a permanent presence in the school and is open to all pupils at lunchtime through self- referral.  Time 2 Talk is an active resource within our school’s culture of listening to children. Children are able to ask for a lunch time session and can invite a friend along if they wish. Listening is welcoming. It is non-judgmental, a place where children can explore their position in the world and relationships with each other. While the conversation is child led, children are supported to become aware of the choices they have and always how to ask for help and stay safe. We adapt our approach to suit each child, so they can learn how to express themselves and build on their strengths.


Who can refer?

Children can refer themselves or be referred by a teacher, school staff, parents or another agency.

Space4 Me and Space4 Me Time2 Talk follow the school’s Child Protection policy and procedures. The school counsellor works closely with the family support worker, the child protection coordinator and the leadership team to ensure that any safeguarding issues raised are addressed quickly and appropriately.

Space4 Me leaflet PDF icon

Family Support

Majbeen Nazir is our Family Support Worker and works as part of the school’s Well Being Team offering support, guidance and advice to parents and families.

Some of the workshops /courses she runs for families include: -

  • Parent Gym – 6 week parenting programme
  • HELP – support group for women suffering low mood who need help building their confidence and who may have suffered Domestic Abuse
  • Nursery / School Readiness workshops
  • Toilet / potty training workshop
  • ESOL (English for speakers of other languages) conversation – TBA
  • Parents’ forum

Majbeen can also support parents with concerns in one to one meetings at school or during home visits

Areas that she can support with include:

  • Attendance – Absenteeism / lateness
  • Routines
  • Behaviour management
  • Nutrition – diet, packed lunches
  • Advice on how to support your child’s overall development

If you have any concerns about yourself or your child please do not hesitate to contact Majbeen via the school office. She also works closely with and makes referrals to local agencies and charities within Redbridge who may be able to give you further help.