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Well-being Award

 During the past two years, Christchurch Primary School has been working to achieve the Well-being  Award for Schools.  The reason for selecting this award as our school focus is because we value and appreciate the positive wellbeing of all in our whole school community.

We have reviewed the support we have had in place for pupils, parents/carers and staff and have taken steps to listen to the viewpoint of everyone within our school community. Through parent surveys, we became aware that not all parents were aware of the workshops we hosted. Majbeen Nazir, our family support worker, hosts a range of courses and sessions to support emotional well-being and mental health within families. Due to restrictions linked to pandemic, not all of the workshops were able to take place (although some did take place virtually). We are very much looking forward to restarting these workshops and liaising with agencies to ensure we can offer parents and carers more. Please look out for more information on our parenting app as we update you all on the parenting courses available.

The support offered to our pupils has always been to a high standard and it was warming to see that the outcome of the pupil survey indicated that the pupils themselves felt they were supported. This academic year pupils have had an added element to the timetable, including personal development time with a focus on well-being. During this time, on a weekly basis, pupils and class teachers reflect and explore emotions and feelings in a safe environment, and also explore the five ways to well-being. The aim of the sessions is to open dialogue between class teachers and children and to openly reflect on how we feel. In addition, we are extending our emotional support for pupils by exploring further training options for staff to allow pupils to receive immediate emotional support when needed. These trained staff members will be valued additions to our wellbeing champions.

We continue to liaise with REWT who offer a range of services for families, pupils and staff, with a focus on supporting families holistically.

We are very proud of the progress we have made so far to raise the profile of emotional wellbeing within the community. We encourage you to make use of our open-door policy to share any suggestions you may have to better support the whole community.