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Parent Forum Tuesday 2nd February


Aims and rules for the Parent Forum were discussed and agreed upon. These will be sent out before each meeting and appear on the school website. It was agreed that a week before each meeting the agenda will be emailed to the forum and any requests for agenda items should then be emailed back.


Review of previous forums

The layout of the first minutes were clear and easy to read. We will aim to use this format going forward where appropriate.

There have been lots of positive outcomes from previous forums. To further these successes some points for discussion were raised;

Healthy School- discussion raised around birthday cakes and sweets. It may be helpful in September to remind parents to only send a small cake/sweet in for a child’s birthday.

Traffic wardens- Traffic around the school has improved, however it would be helpful if the traffic wardens visited on a more regular basis. Following a recent accident the bollard (emergency gate) in Wellesley Road has been damaged. People have been driving through this. Are the council aware of this?

Lunchtime – Slight concern that at times popular food items are running out towards the end of lunchtime. Parent asked if they would have the facility to book online meals? Also, some parents still felt that not all complaints/situations get passed on from dinner staff to class teachers? Sometimes things are missed as they are seen as small things but if not shared they may miss a pattern?

Any news on the defibrillator- the British Heart Foundation offer funding- closed at the moment but can apply for information and new funding will be released in new financial year.

Trips- seen as a very valuable experience and parents are happy to contribute to the cost. It may be worthwhile if the school could breakdown the cost for some of the more expensive trips. This will help parents to gain a better understanding of the cost involved and what they are paying for e.g. how much coaches cost.


Coffee Morning workshops

We discussed ideas for Parent workshops

  • - ICT- bring in your devices and learn how to access emails, YouTube, update parental settings on devices. Pay school dinners online etc.
  • - E-safety- what are your children doing- age appropriateness- YouTube and games consoles.
  • - Healthy foods- lunches- ISS, school nurse, dentist?
  • - Road/car safety

Parents commented that advertising needs to be bigger and in the playground- not everyone checks the website or emails regularly. Could we use large easels in the playground?

Parents also suggested that daytime- particularly morning meetings would be the best way to target parents.


Our next meeting will be on Tuesday 15th March